18 January – I saw clearly in the middle of the dark

Certain contests are known for more than just the songs. It could be a stage invasion, someone falling over when trying to present a trophy. Or it could be something that rules didn’t expect.

In 1969, four countries tied for first place. You’d think that the rules would tell us what would happen if there was a tie. But no. The Jon-Ola of his day, Clifford Brown, made the quick decision to award prizes to all four countries. But what of the other 12 nations? Well, today’s birthday girl Iva Zanicchi may have only finished 13th, but she’s the only woman to have won at Sanremo (Eurovision’s dad) three times. And she’s competing again in Sanremo 2022, so we could see her in Turin. She’s even been a member of the European Parliament! What a girl!

Iva is 82 today.

Buon compleanno, Iva!

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