23 March – In an old empty mine, the salt extends

You wait ages for a duet, and then two come along almost once. But they are duets done in very different styles. That probably happens for any two things 29 years apart.

When we saw the Georgian duet, it was nicely done, as if a certain Florida-based film company had got their hand on it. Today’s duet is somewhat different. It has a sultry young lady smouldering away and uttering her lines faultlessly. Then you have an equally competent singer in the form of today’s birthday boy Francesco ‘Franco’ Battiato, who adds a slight air of menace to proceedings. That’s what a duet really needs. And it worked for this classic number too. They finished fifth. It’s a diamond of a song too, possibly better than the winner.

Franco is 74 today.

Buon compleanno, Franco!