29 September – We have the salt in our hair

Those Italians, eh? They send so many decent songs, and never really seem to care. Sanremo is their music competition of choice, and Eurovision doesn’t always get massive ratings.

But you ask any Italian star, and they’d give their finest gnocchi to take part. Back in 1987, our friends in Italy sent Umberto Tozzi, and today’s birthday boy Raffaele ‘Raf’ Riefoli. They came third behind a certain singer, and a top German band with a name that’s bound to raise a snigger or two. Anyway, it’s Raf’s day and we can’t take away his third place, scoring 12s from five juries. Pies. A. Since 1987, our Italian friends have only done better three times. So this song is a brilliant example of what the Italians can do.

Raf is 60 today.

Buon compleanno, Raf!