Italy: Now in Glorious Technicolour!

Fiume di colori! Italy have given us a very colourful and Pop Art inspired backdrop which immediately puts me in mind of both Aven Romale from Moscow 2009 and the cover of Mika’s Life in Cartoon Motion album cover – so eye catching, for sure! Staging wise it’s fairly simple, Chanel surrounded by some dancers who pop and lock – it’s enough for a song like this, you don’t need to overcomplicate something that already works: Colourful visuals – check. Upbeat music – check. Singalong lyrics – check. There are moments when I feel like Chanel is holding back vocally but then again, it’s a rehearsal – she doesn’t need to let loose vocally, as after all there are no points to be awarded here today! There’s a little murmur around the Press Centre if the word “bullism” is a real word – and being a linguist and a barrel of laughs, I’ve done a little digging…

Bullism is actually a word according to UrbanDictionary (SIC: a question so stupid you’re sure it must be rhetorical, but the person who asked it is so stupid they’re probably serious) – but, the TEFL teacher in me thinks someone has written “bullyism” (also a word in English, the practise of bullying) and followed the usual rule of dropping -y to attach -i from -ism… isn’t English a fun language? You follow the rules you’ve learned, only for a native speaker to tell you “Nope, not like that!!”

Overall, I’m very impressed by Italy’s show. So many elements about it work really well and I haven’t discounted them from being fairly near (or possible at) the top of the scoreboard come Sunday – bravissima, Chanel!