3 March – Everybody hums and everybody loves

A song about yourself can sometimes be a good thing. It tells people about you, and lets them get to know what makes you really tick.

Of course, there’s a fine line between telling them interesting snippets about yourself, and boring them rigid. You wouldn’t want to tell them about that last dental appointment, obviously. But you might want to tell people how you got into music. IT was this approach taken by today’s birthday girl Anmary, born Linda Amantova, and now Linda Dinsberga. Her song in 2012 tells us when she was born, and throws in some namechecks too. Maybe she really knows the people she mentions. The five countries that voted for her could think that. Or it could just be wishful thinking.

Anmary is 39 today.

Laimīga dzimšanas diena, Anmary!