Latvia 2nd Semi Final results

After last weekend’s very long First Semi Final we had more of the same with the second heat of Supernova 2019.

In this second show LTV showcased eight more Eurovision hopefuls for the Latvian public and jury, who together chose the songs marked “Q” in a 50/50 mix.

We now get a week off as the final of Supernova is on the 16th February.

ArtistSongFirst RoundJuryViewersSuper-final
1Simone EmilieAnywhereEliminated------
2Jasmin GabayKiss like thisEliminated------
3Rasmus FaartoftHold my breathEliminated------
4Marie IsabellDancing with you in my heartEliminated------
5SigmundSay my nameSuperfinal14%9%3rd
6HumørekspressenDronning af barenEliminated------
7Julie & NinaLeague of lightSuperfinal12%23%2nd
8Teit SamsøStep it upEliminated------
9LeonoraLove is foreverSuperfinal24%18%1st
10LeelooThat vibeEliminated------