Latvia – True blue


Carousel do a good job of a song that feels out of place in this semi-final. Or the contest in general.

There was a little more colour added to the staging, but things stayed intimate and quiet – pretty much like in the preview video, bumbling to a stop. I can’t help but think this song is set to prompt toilet breaks across Europe (and beyond).

Sabīne Žuga was in great voice and the rest of the band looked at ease as they cruised through rehearsals. I couldn’t help but notice many in the Press Centre paid little attention.

And that’s lunch …

Qualifying? No

Still love the first minute, still want to stab horses by the third. Doesn’t it ever drag on! Still, the drummer’s wearing a waistcoat, and the bassist a hat, so the real music squad will love it despite its lack of resolution. EUROVISION APOCALYPSE