Supernova Final in Latvia. Who has got the golden ticket?

The first thing that you’ll notice from watching last week’s semi final is the addition of an 11th song. Miks got his song advanced to the final due to “technical difficulties” in the Semi, which is jolly decent of LTV, I think.

Aminata sung her Semi Final performance on tape because she had got the plague, so it was interesting to see if she got to the final in person – Yes she did, though she might as well have not bothered, because she ended up in second place to a one-trick pony … proving being popular and being good are not the same thing.

No scores were announced, just positions and they are, in full, below.

Song Performer(s) Jury Televote Total Psn
First love Miks Dukurs 11
Plans Raum 9
Pay my own bills Linda Rušeniece 10
Bad Bermudu Divsturis 7
I’m just a sinner Miks Galvanovskis 4
He, she, you & me Bujans 3
Es pabiju tur Elina Gluzunova 5
Eat your salad Citi Zeni 1
A happy place Inspo 8
Rich itch Mes Jus Milam 6
I’m letting you go Aminata 2


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