10 April – I wanna dream about sky blue

Yesterday we had a country who had never won. Well, sort of. Now today we have a country with a record that’s been a little more patchy since day one.

Our friends in Lithuania haven’t had the success of its Baltic neighbours. A big fat zero on the first attempt. And apart from two top 10 finishes, it’s been a bit nondescript. In 2004 we saw the start of semi-finals, and today’s birthday boy Linas Adomaitis did his stuff for his country with Simona Jakubėnaitė. They finished 16th in the semi so had an early bath. Maybe it was because L&S were sandwiched between the songs that eventually finished first and seventh. Or maybe it was the snazzy white suit Linas wore.

Linas is 43 today.

Laimingas gimtadienis, Linas!