25 November – Because of my shoes I’m wearing today

As we know, any country can win first prize at our favourite TV show. They could be finishing in the top three every year, or they could have that one wayward result that buckles the form.

Our friends in Lithuania have not had it easy, but that win of theirs could come in 2023. But they do try. In 2013 LRT sent today’s birthday boy Andrius Pojavis. You could tell he was Lithuanian by the bandana on his wrist. Anyway, he got through his semi, ahead of a fellow Balt in his semi-final by one point, only to get the ‘plum’ draw of second in the final. He must have known that a win was out of reach. But even a song on second might win sometime. He bagged a 22nd spot, ironically two places and two points by the fellow Balt he beat in his semi-final. Nevertheless, once you know the lyric, you can probably guess which country he now lives in.

Andrius is 39 today.

Su gimtadieniu, Andriau!

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