28 March – Round and round and round and round and round we go

It’s duo time to brighten up your day. We all love duos, and it’s sometimes the case you prefer one half to the other. So it helps if there’s something for everyone.

Today’s duo seemed very happy together, and one of them is today’s birthday boy Vaidas Jacob Baumila. Yes, they do the trick of standing very close together and singing at the tops of their voices, but they also make some nicely progressive points during the song. If you’ve followed Lithuania’s patchy progress in the Eurovision adventure, you’ll be happy to know that this song made the Grand Final in Vienna. Vaidas and Monika got a smattering of votes in the final too. Who cares if they didn’t win – they definitely had fun. Just ask Monika – she liked it so much she’s trying again.

Vaidas is 36 today.

Su gimtadieniu, Vaidas!