Lithuania had the runs

Jurij Veklenko to the stage for Lithuania's second rehearsal

(Do you see what I did there? – do you!)

Jurijus was missing something. Various answers from our table ranged from a guitar to a better song. Both completely valid.

The performance needed something to connect to the audience. Jurijus (on his own) was not strong enough to carry this through to qualification, for two reasons.

Firstly, as mentioned, he doesn’t connect. Secondly, the staging stayed very neutral. Nothing on the background gave a hint of anything about the song, and there was no emoting going on.

The problem comes with the fact that ‘Run with the lions’ lacks a built-in highlight moment, so there’s no chance for anyone to do anything – lighting or staging wise.

It was three minutes of “meh” …. alright, but alright doesn’t get anyone voting.

Looking like Louis Thomlinson’s less-successful cousin. Jurijus staging is another without any real effort behind it. Screen flashes yellow, he eventually picks up the mic but it doesn’t elevate this very generic entry.Tellystats

Qualifying: NO