24 February – Is it love? My Prince Charming

We often mention those false-flaggers that come and go each year. You wonder why some countries use them, but then there are others that are more understandable.

Our friends in Luxembourg took part 37 times before they hung up their microphone in 1993. And only eight natives of the Grand Duchy ever participated. One of these was today’s birthday girl Monique Melsen. She sang in French, as almost all Luxembourgers did, about apples. Many apples. Probably more apples than you can shake a stick at. And apples of all colours. OK, we’ve got to the core of the song now. As you’ll know, Monique scored off every jury – so did everyone else – but it was an even more micro microstate that won this first shindig in Dublin. Monique finished 13th, but probably has a lifetime’s supply of apples from the growers of her fair Grand Duchy.

Monique is 72 today.

Alles Guddes fir de Gebuertsdag/Bonne anniversaire, Monique!