26 November – You’re everything and nothing in one

Are you a fan of the semi-final tomfoolery? Do you think our favourite TV show should be one evening a year? Or is more better? Do you like those songs that make it out of the semi-finals more than the automatic qualifiers?

In 2004, when the whole malarkey really started, the Med’s happiest rock sent today’s birthday boy Ludwig Galea (with his pal Julie Zahra). They made it out of the semi-final was a song that was jolly and fun and, well, from the Med’s happiest rock. It didn’t win – obviously – but got a nice scattering of points. Ludwig is still treading the boards, so if you’re lucky, you can probably hear his amazing voice at a venue near you.

Ludwig is 44 today.

Għeluq sninek it-tajjeb/Happy birthday, Ludwig!