7 March – They breathe down my neck

We all know that Eurovision should be a family affair. Yes, most of the fans are men, but there’s nothing to stop families settling down on a Saturday evening.

So if it’s for a family audience, are there any subjects that are off limits? Religion and politics obviously. But what about alcohol? If you’re below a certain age, you shouldn’t really imbibe, although it can often get you through a contest. But today’s birthday girl Morena (aka Margerita Camilleri Fenech) loved vodka so much, she sang a song about it. It turns out it’s the secret word, but maybe not to secret when you sing about it. Still, if you want a song to dance along to, you could do worse. Especially if you’re a spy.

Morena is 39 today.

Għeluq is-sena/Happy birthday, Morena!