Malta – sailing through


As you all saw during the Wednesday rehearsal (and if you didn’t, you should read it now) this came as a real surprise to me.

It sails a classy path in the ocean of madness that this semi final has turned out to be. I’m afraid to admit that I didn’t give Christabelle a prayer with this song, but kudos to TVM for coming up with staging that (whilst busy) suits the song.

Nothing much has changed; the screens are there, the fire and the lasers are reminiscent of Jean-Michelle Jarre (or the 1980’s) but that’s no bad thing.

Christabelle again looks severe, but in this instance it suits the song and she has a depth to her look, suggesting a softening of that anger. My fear is that she tends towards shouting rather than singing the song. That might mark it down in some books, but it shouldn’t.

Press conference

In her own words:It has been an amazing experience from the start. The entire team can tell you that it is a dream coming true. Right after the national final, we have been working on the video, on the stage performance and on getting prepared for press meetings. What is not to love about that? It’s easy to fall in love with Eurovision!

Image Credits: Andres Putting.