22 July – Hey, loca, give me, give me your boca

Have you ever spotted that in the real music world there are more and more collaborations? “Rap star X featuring sexy lady and proper musician” sing your latest grime track?

Well, these endless lists of combos featuring this artist and that artist has also touched on our favourite TV show. Back in 2006, Moldova sent one. It was the snappily named Arsenium and Natalia Gordienco featuring Connect-R. It just rolls off the tongue. Arsenium (né Arsenie Todiraș) is today’s birthday boy. You’ll spot him as the one gyrating around young Natalia. There is indeed something for everyone in the three minutes Arsenium and his chums are on stage. Including a big sail. Genius. Anyway, in 2006, Moldova had already qualified for the Saturday, so the pressure was off on the Thursday before Grand Final day. And what happened? Well, they beat two of the then Big Four, and almost beat a third. And they got a maximum. Can you guess where it came from?

Arsenium is 39 today.

La mulți ani, Arsenium!

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