25 May – A thousand tears can’t wash away the pain of losing you

We know that anyone can win our favourite TV show, whether it’s that Nordic country that many fans have as their default 12 points, or whether it’s that outsider that captures the zeitgeist before sinking back into obscurity.

But have you considered whether every country could host our favourite TV show? Naturally it’s easier for some than for others, but if you’re a smaller broadcaster, whilst you’d love to win, it could provide serious headaches for that broadcaster’s bigwigs. We’d all love to see a Moldovan win, and no doubt they’d do a really good job of hosting, but I’m sure deep down its executives would be a tad worried. Today’s birthday girl Aliona Moon (née Aliona Munteanu) did her country proud by rising to the challenge (geddit) and then finishing 11th in a very tough year. She’d cut her teeth the year backing her pal Pasha Parfeny, and with his help bagged one maximum. Who knows, had she been later in the final, and not up against someone who also rose to the challenge, she may have done even better.

Aliona is 31 today.

La mulți ani, Aliona!

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