27 March – I let the sunlight comfort me

Which country would like to see win the contest for the first time? And would you go there if they did? Several countries are gunning for it.

Let’s take Moldova for example. Not always a ‘fashionable’ country, but with some successes and some, well, less successful moments too. In 2016, today’s birthday girl Lidia Isac for the golden ticket to represent TRM in Stockholm. Moldova had had a run of two non-qualifications, so the pressure was on Lidia to come up with the goods. Sadly, she didn’t quite make the top 10, with the juries liking her song more than the televoters. But you might also spot the wardrobe malfunction in the performance. No, not from Lidia, but from her dancer. It seems he’d left something around his neck that most performers take off before going on stage. But if you want energetic, then you’ll like this.

Lidia is 31 today.

La mulți ani, Lidia!

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