Moldova – In complete contrast


This is what the viewer wants … or so it seems in the United Kingdom, based on recent televoting patterns. There are many songs which pitch for the lowest common denominator and get it hideously wrong by aiming for the wrong demographic. DoReDos, however, appeal to people who like fun – remember fun? – something that this year’s contest often seems to lack.

As someone said on our table, it’s staged like a three-minute sitcom … and usually, that would not appeal to me but, by God, this really appeals. There are visual gags all over the place. An homage, perhaps, to Sweden 1986.

The song is still there as well, and the group can all sing … important in a singing contest. Televoters in the final (which it will reach) will be charmed by the fun and energy. Jurors will hear harmonies and a decent, happy tune.

This is very dangerous for the top four, and even for the win … but, remember, it’s been Russian bankrolled – and depending on your politics, that might cloud your opinion, but it shouldn’t.

Press conference

In their own words:It is a story about human privacy, what people do behind closed doors. And we tell our story while we laugh at ourselves, which is very important.

Image Credits: Andres Putting.