Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Part 26 – Moldova


This is almost a cracking little Eurovision song: dark and moody with the hint of rejection from the video and the lyrics. It follows a typical Eurovision format (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, middle eight, key change and chorus).

I’m sure that live, Anna is going to sing ‘Stay’ well, however for me, the preview video leaves me wanting more.

It lacks that big sound this type of song desperately needs to get anyone voting for it, and without that will just stay “decent” rather than a contender – which it could have, and still might be, if people recognise its potential.

There are a lot of ifs that will decide its fate: *if* Anna performs the pants off the song, and *if* ‘Stay’ is staged well. Moldova just might squeak into the final.

I so hope that TRM don’t disappoint when it comes to the staging.

Phil’s score – 5 Points


  1. I have nothing good to say about this. It’s old fashioned ballad, made many time before and not adding anything new to the genre.

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