Former Yugoslav Republic of Maybe

Daniel up next for FYR Macedonia sporting beige trenchcoat, black denim, yellow trainers and a bin bag effect cravat! He’s actually rather handsome in a strange way but isn’t really connecting with the camera enough and far too many shots of him singing with his eyes closed. Merj from Blackstreet provide the backing accompaniment that I’m not entirely sure is needed and surely they don’t fit this genre? The arrangement is much slowed down and, I think in doing so, they’ve lost some of the oomph of this. It was a charming song when the preview videos were released and now it seems like a song (and performance) that is a little unsure of its way.

Lots of cute foot shimmies and shufflings across the stage and I think the chorus is very strong and rousing but the ending falls a bit flat, in fact instead of sizzle it’s a fizzle.