Macedonia’s lack of Diggity

The Macedonian (FYR of) entry is the perfect example of how to fupp up an excellent song with an incongruent performance. Daniel is a great singer but fails to connect to the camera.

He’s joined by three members of the group Blackstreet who many will know from the 90s hit No Diggity. It’s awfully nice of him to make a late addition to my interests with these boys, who are now number one on my ‘must be photographed with’ list. But I can’t let my ‘other’ interests guide my view of this, I have to judge on what’s going on.

As well as Daniel’s lack of connection the Blackstreet boys are shuffling around him in a most unbecoming way, and the backdrop of a Doric Colonnade is frankly perplexing. We understand the delegation asked for this to be changed but so far it hasn’t been. Everything about this is wrong, apart from the singing, and therein lies the problem.

It’s a great Balkan song but it’s trying to look like an American R&B number, with some questionable choreography and costumes (dirty great overcoats) that just don’t fit it. It’s a real shame as the song is lovely, and the promo video is delightful, but it’s lost its way – and with it probably its chance to qualify – along the way.

Monty x