The results of Za Evrosong are now in full. Andrea to go to Turin but questions remain

For those of you that have not been following the musical Test Match that is Sanremo, another song for Turin got sorted out tonight ( 4th Feb), the North Macedonian one.   After a conflict with the times (sources were one hour out!), we finally all tuned in at the appointed hour to see…well… six songs of dubious quality (one of which, Superman, is all about “boy power” and makes you feel a bit ikkie)

After some jury scores, which were based on rankings and not points, so the highest you could score was “1”, and the Televote, the result was as below.

Song Performer(s) Jury Televote Total Psn
Flying to Berlin Ris Flower 5 6 11 6
Love and light Kaly 6 10 16 3
Flower of sorrow Lara 10 5 15 5
Dreams Yon Idy 7 7 14 4
Circles Andrea 12 8 20 1
Superman Viktor Apostolovsk 8 12 20 2


And so we had a tie with 20 points at the top of the scoreboard.  Viktor scored three times as many televotes as Andrea and yet Andrea won because she had a better jury score.  Something is not right with this result methinks.

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