11 June – I didn’t have any experience

We continue our brief sojourn into the world of Benelux today. It was once a powerhouse of song, but since got overtaken by places further north, east and south. However, with so many song to pick from, there are bound to be some diamonds.

There are diamonds, aren’t there? Well, today’s might be a classic. Or not. You decide. It’s from today’s birthday girl Linda Williams (née Henriëtte Willems) who participated between the last two Dutch wins. Six years after one win and many many years before the next. Her jaunty song didn’t do quite as well as the last time a contest was in Ireland, but did better than the next time. Maybe it was the yellow dress, clapping, and severe cut. But at least she beat Sweden. And as a postscript, Linda was apparently seen as a backing singer for Belgium in 1999, along with her daughter!

Linda is 64 today.

Gefeliciteerd, Linda!