20 April – Everybody’s got a couple scarred up knuckles

If you’ve been a runner-up in our favourite TV show, it must be tempting to try again for the win. Several individuals have achieved this, but even more have not. It’s high risk, but could really burnish your credentials as a Eurovision legend.

When Austria last won, many saw the runner-up as a bit of a surprise. Among the Common Linnets was today’s birthday boy Waylon (né Willem Bijkerk). He took his stage name from country music legend Mr Jennings, not Simpsons legend Mr Smithers. Just so you know. As we’ve said before, Eurovision is a drug, so Waylon jumped at the chance when AVROTROS asked him to be their representative in 2018. There was controversy in his staging, but it didn’t stop him making the Grand Final in Lisbon. He didn’t win – that went elsewhere, but he did perform straight after them in that Saturday night show. He’s not been at Eurovision since, so does that mean he’s now an outlaw?

Waylon is 44 today.

Gefeliciteerd, Waylon!

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