22 February – He changed happiness to melancholy

When you look at the Netherlands’ fortunes, you will see amongst it five wins. They had to wait 44 years between their last two, but the first three came in a 12 year spell. That’s impressive. Any country would kill for that now.

This leads us onto one of those successes. Back in 1969, we all know that four countries tied for the win. In the absence of a tie-breaker (a fundamental error), Spain, the UK of stuff, France and today’s birthday girl Helena Hubertina Johanna ‘Lenny’ Kuhr. She was, to our knowledge, the first Eurovision winner born in the 1950s so was a mere youngster when she won. Her crop of 18 points came from seven countries. And a third of her points from Portugal. But with four countries winning, that must have been some contest to watch live.

Lenny is 70 today.

Gefeliciteerd, Lenny!