22 March – Desire is a blossom, and a blossom becomes a fruit

Do you like a duet? One of those things where you get two voices working in perfect harmony. Or maybe where the two protagonists try to out-sing each other. We all know it happens.

In 1971, Eurovision was just starting to get to grips with songs not sung by soloists and duos. And allowing up to six people on stage. Our friends in the Netherlands would experiment with this, but sent a duo in 1971 to Dublin. Today’s birthday boy Serge (né Ruud Schaap) duetted with Saskia (née Trudy van den Berg). They were bound to score 34 points (everyone was), but they scored nine from one jury, which is worth celebrating, meaning they finished sixth in total with their pleasant folksy song. And they’re still performing. Who says Eurovision can kill a career?

Serge is 77 today.

Gefeliciteerd, Serge!