29 December – But once the dice were loaded against him

Trailblazer. It’s a word bandied around far too often, maybe not least by these birthday articles. But today we really do have a trailblazer. Someone who broke new ground in our favourite TV show. And someone we really should be celebrating.

Back in 1966, our favourite TV show had been a very European affair. Maybe there were a scattering of false-flaggers, but they too were of European descent. Then, at song 16 of 18 along comes Milly Scott (née Marion Henriëtte Louise Molly). Of Surinamese origin, she was the first black performer. She was also the first performer not to use a static microphone on a stand. So when you look at Eurovision events, Milly’s three minutes on stage were seismic. Milly only scored off four juries, but one of these had hers as the best song. If you’ve never seen this before, prepare to be amazed!

Milly is 88 today.

Gefeliciteerd, Milly!