3 December – And on and on, life goes on

The heart is a curious thing. It’s often shown as something red, cute and, well, heart-shaped. But if you physically held one, it probably wouldn’t quite look the same. Or give you the same feeling of delight.

And there are so many songs written about hearts. No, not the animal ones you would have dissected in biology at school. But the heart in the falling-in-love sense. Like the song from today’s birthday girl Hind Laroussi Tahiri. Her lover’s heart belonged to her apparently, and she did her stuff for next year’s hosts in 2008. The Netherlands weren’t having a good time of it in the early part of this century, and Hind was one of eight Dutch acts that didn’t progress beyond the semi-finals. This has changed more recently of course. Hind featured in more top 10s than some other countries in her semi-final, and was third-best from one country. Maybe the voters thought she was talking about her biology lessons.

Hind is 38 today.

Gefeliciteerd, Hind!

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1 year ago

Next year’s host? Did you copy and paste last year’s message?