3 June – there’s a flower that keeps on growing

There are some times when I wish that more than one country could win our favourite TV show. Not always because there are two or more songs that are worthy. But because it’s been so long since some countries won, it’d be nice for them to register another win.

If you think about it, if Spain had won in Liverpool, it would have been 54 years since RTVE’s last win. Or 46 years for our friends in France. And then, until 2019 anyway, there was Netherlands, The. They had to wait 44 years for their fifth win, and you couldn’t say they hadn’t been trying in the meantime. A couple of reasonable placings (and Joan Franka) between 1975 and 2019 was all they had to show for it. Today’s birthday girl Esther Hart (née Esther Katinka Hartkamp) did her stuff in 2003 and only managed 13th out of 26. I think it deserved better.

Esther is 53 today.

Gefeliciteerd, Esther!