12 April – There’s still a sun that could ease all your pain

Yesterday we had a winner. But as we know our favourite TV show is a competition, and for every winner, someone has to prop up the other end of the table.

The song that comes last can sometimes be more renowned than the one that wins. After all, there is someone out there who likes every song – yes, every single song has a fan somewhere. And if you are (un)lucky enough to finish last, it could be because every vote had you eleventh. And what does eleventh get you? Nothing at all. In the first contest to have a semi-final, the song that finished in the Grand Final last came from one of the 14 automatic qualifiers. It was today’s birthday boy Knut Anders Sørum, and he scored three whole points, all from Sweden. It didn’t stop Knut Anders – he’s had a top five album since.

Knut Anders is 44 today.

Gratulerer med dagen, Knut Anders!