14 December – Come dance with me tonight

As you’ll know, Eurovision is a very fickle thing. Just ask Portugal. Or Austria. Or even the Netherlands. You can languish in the semi-finals one year, and then put in a storming performance the next.

Our friends in Norway have had more good years than bad of late. Roughly every three or four years they have a year in the semi-finals. But what do you know, NRK has just had six consecutive Grand Final appearances. Do they need to watch out in 2024? Anyway, today’s birthday girl Guri Annika Schanke was one of those unlucky Norwegians that got stuck. She was unfortunate to be in a 28-song semi-final, so with only 10 qualifying the odds were stacked against her. In the end, her and several others finished very closely together, but still a long way adrift of 10th place. But never mind, she got to point and laugh at the fun and games two nights later.

Guri is 62 today.

Gratulerer med dagen, Guri!