15 June – The whole world had longer hair

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That thing when you’ve tried for years to do something. And then when you get to do that thing you’ve been yearning for, you end up feeling disappointed. It’s happened to us all. It makes you wonder why you bother.

There is always that chance where that thing you crave does work out. And then you can look back with pride. In 1997, Norway sent today’s birthday boy Tor Lars Oskar Endresen to Dublin. The previous Dublin contest had seen a Norwegian win, so what could possibly go wrong? It was his eighth attempt to represent his country, but things might have been just a bit too much for poor Tor. He did join an exclusive bunch, but not the winners’ club. Luckily for Tor, he wasn’t alone in this ‘other’ club, as another singer accompanied him. Nevertheless, Tor has tried again, and if he does get that golden ticket, he can’t do any worse, can he?

Tor is 65 today.

Gratulerer med dagen, Tor!

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