15 March – Because a yoik never ends

It’s always good when countries use their own languages to sing in. Or if a country also demonstrates their culture, even better. And if you’re from the northern end of our continent, then this could include a joik.

A joik you ask? It’s a chant that’s a speciality of the Sámi. And it was first used by Norway in 1980 by today’s birthday boy Mattis Hætta. He comes on mid-way through the song mainly sung by Sverre Kjelsberg. The song might be construed to be a tad political, but the powers-that-be didn’t see a problem with it. Mattis and Sverre’s song might have been way ahead of its time, as another song containing a joik in 2019 finished sixth. Sámiid ædnan didn’t.

Mattis is 63 today.

Gratulerer med dagen/Lihkku beivviin, Mattis!