21 March – Tried a new romance

Are you starting think that certain [insert country here] already has the 2023 contest in the bag? Some people may do, using different theories to reach a conclusion. It’s a thought that fans of our favourite TV show have even in the last century, not just nowadays.

In other news, I’m taking us back to the end of the 20th Century today. A time when things seemed simpler, everything was done and dusted in one evening, and we were at a contest outside of Europe. Wait… outside of Europe? Well as we know Eurovision includes all members of the EBU, and that includes non-European countries bordering the Mediterranean. One of the longest journeys was that made by today’s birthday boy Stig André van Eijk. He’d already made the journey from Colombia to Norway, so travelling to Israel can’t have been that much of an inconvenience. He enjoyed his time in Jerusalem, and managed 14th place. Some would kill for 14th place these days. Luckily, Stig didn’t have to.

Stig is 42 today.

Gratulerer med dagen, Stig!