4 July – Just like a polaroid, you fade away

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Eurovision is tough. All the fans can be quick to judge sometimes, and many happily say they do/don’t like a specific song. But it can be stressful for the performers, who give it their all.

In 2016, today’s birthday girl Agnete Kristin Johnsen Saba got the gig to travel from Norway to Sweden. She had easily won NRK’s MGP so must have had high hopes in Stockholm. Once there, she wasn’t feeling her best, so kept herself very much to herself. The assembled press didn’t quite know what to make of things, so her staging was always going to be an unknown quantity. Things obviously didn’t improve as she she failed to get out of the bloodbath of a semi-final. Not many Norwegian acts fall at this hurdle, so there must have been something wrong. So, maybe, the moral of the story is – if you’re a fan or press – always be positive about a singer. They might have things going on you don’t know about.

Agnete is 30 today.

Gratulerer med dagen/Lihkku beivvin, Agnete!

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