6 August – I’m looking for answers

Imagine the scene. You know you’re heading to Europe’s favourite TV show, and you get drawn on first. How do you make an impression? You’re in the biggest ever contest and don’t want to be lost by all the madness that will follow. What’s your gimmick?

This situation befell today’s birthday girl Kate Gulbrandsen. She performed first of 22 in Brussels in 1987. It was the biggest contest ever. So the way to go – before the advent of pyros – was her hairdo. Now it probably wasn’t that way out for the mid-1980s, but it was definitely eye-catching, as was Kate’s whole look. Her song wasn’t bad either. Kate finished ninth, which was a nicely middling result for her country in the 1980s. But one thing is sure – Kate made it into every Eurovision clip show that followed for years.

Kate is 56 today.

Gratulerer med dagen, Kate!