Even the darkness must disappear sometime

In a break from our usual programme of birthdays, it’s a random one today to keep you on your toes. And not just any old randomness. It’s a random winner.

Back in the 1990s, Europe couldn’t get enough of a certain Ireland off its west coast. Win after win after win. It was as if the contest would always be held at 20.00 local time. However, in 1995, some have said that Ireland didn’t want to win, so they deliberately didn’t pick the best song in its national final. But what happened instead? Well, along comes Norway with Secret Garden. And who was in Secret Garden? Rolf Løvland – a Norwegian – and Fionualla Sherry – an Irish violinist. So Ireland had a hand in yet another winner. And if you don’t know the word(s) sung, you can always hum along.