It’s time for the Norwegian final – the final Semi Final that is…

Lisa ... not gay

Five weeks ago, when I was young and you were younger (probably) – Norway started its search for a song.

The final semi final, with songs representing Northern Norway, took place tonight. As usual, there were two minor Semi Finals and a Gold Final to determine the tenth and final finalist for the main MGP that happens on 15 February in Trondheim.

Results are shown in the table below.

Norway Semi Final 5

Mr HelloJenny JenssenL
We are as oneElin & The WoodsW
Stem på mæKevin BoineL
I am gayLiza VassilievaW
We are as oneElin & The WoodsL
I am gayLiza VassilievaW

Gay, dear? Lisa Dear? For avoidance of doubt, Lisa absolutely isn’t gay. She’s singing it ‘for the rest of us’. Solidarity takes many shapes and forms, some of which seem cynical and patronising. Anyway … she’s off to Trondheim