14 December – Light me up Light me up, now

Our friends in Poland ‘get’ the Junior version of our favourite TV show. Back-to-back wins are testament to that. But the big one is a different kettle of fish.

As you’ll know, Poland started its Eurovision story with a runner-up spot. That win is still elusive, and TVP are one of those broadcasters that sometimes make the Grand Final, and sometimes miss out. In 2018, Poland sent today’s birthday boy Gromee (né Andrzej Gromala) to Lisbon, as DJ to front man Lukas Meijer. It seemed a dream combination, and the precursor to a summer hit – they even had the nice video filmed. But the people of Europe (and Australia) had other ideas. They came 14th, scoring more points from the televoters than the jurors. But they got a maximum. It may have been down to Gromee’s dad-dancing.

Gromee is 42 today.

Wszystkiego najlepszego, Gromee!

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