14 January – Let’s build the bridge

We’ve all been through adverse times. Life’s not easy sometimes, and it’s how we cope with what’s thrown at us and how we come out of it that’s important.

Today’s birthday girl Monika Kuszyńska has been through the mill a little. She was going great guns in her native Poland before disaster struck and she was left paralysed after a serious car accident. Undeterred, she bounced back, stayed in the industry she loved, and got to represent her country. But not just in the semi-final, oh dear me no. Monika made it through to the Grand Final. Yeah, she only scored 10 points in the final, but she didn’t finish last. And it just goes to show that if you set your mind to something, you can achieve anything.

Monika is 43 today.

Wszystkiego najlepszego, Monika!