21 April – You’re a night away from me

It’s about time we went vintage again, just to show what today’s performers are following in the footsteps of. Those older songs weren’t all classics, but you can guarantee that every song will have at least one fan.

Back in 1968, the world was just starting to experiment with colour TV. The BBC showed this contest in black & white on the Saturday night, but then showed it again in colour the next day. With colour comes an interesting age of colourful costumes. Whilst today’s birthday boy Ronald Edwin ‘Ronnie’ Tober had an outfit that wasn’t that colourful, we saw that the traditional evening dress was on its way out. Ronnie’s jolly little tune didn’t fare too well – possibly because he was performing second, but he didn’t finish last alone. His single point came from Italy.

Ronnie is 77 today.

Gefeliciteerd, Ronnie!