6 January – So who’s behind the mask?

Have you ever wondered why a country can do well in the Junior version of our favourite TV show, but don’t quite have the same success at the Big One? Exhibit A: Poland. Exhibit B: Armenia.

Our friends in Exhibit A (Poland) have managed a runners-up spot, but little else. But at least they try. Like in 2001, when TVP sent today’s birthday boy Piasek (né Andrzej Tomasz Piaseczny). He had high hopes, and had among his repertoire a discarding of part of his costume. Innovative, eh? Anyway, even with his Bohemian look and former entrant Justyna on backing vocals, he could only muster 11 points, giving him a 20th-place finish out of 23. To be fair, Poland has done worse since, but it still makes you wonder how a country’s performances in ESC and JESC can be so different.

Piasek is 53 today.

Wszystkiego najlepszego, Piasku!