9 July – Hold me tight, give me a well of spring waters

Is there a country out there who’s not yet won, but you would like to see win? That country that really tries every year, and can’t quite convince the people of Europe and beyond to vote for it?

One of those that keeps trying is Poland. Now they have had success at the Junior one, which isn’t a bad thing. And they did almost do it in the senior event in that début appearance in 1994. Back in 1999, we saw them in Jerusalem. It was the first year of the modern free language rule, but today’s birthday boy Mietek Szcześniak stuck to Polish. His song didn’t do that well, and most of his points came from juries. It clearly wasn’t a televoter-friendly song, but it’s still a cracker of a song and proved that Mr Szcześniak was easily the best singer of 1999.

Mietek is 55 today.

Wszystkiego najlepszego, Mietek!