Lidia Kopania
Lidia Kopania showed a lot of emotion on stage. Photo: Indrek Galetin (EBU)

Phil: If we are following Franko’s grading system from Earlier then this too is an E. Lidia Kopania has, at time of writing, had two run throughs and both of which were completely off key and she seems either too meek to say “There is something wrong with my in-ear monitor“, or she really can’t hit the notes she should be able to hit!!

The gimmick for this one is a rhythmic gymnast in the background twirling the ribbon as the singer is warbling away but from the camera rehearsals there is not enough of that to detract from the painfully evident fact that she just can’t sing this song….

Franko: There’s something not quite working about this Polish ditty. Don’t get me wrong I really rate the song. It’s far better than Shergar who entered for them last year. The song is in fact lovely, but there’s clearly problems with the vocals be it Lidia Kopania not being able to hear herself properly or otherwise. She certainly sounds like she’s straining a lot at times. The staging is unremarkable and unmemorable. She just stands in front of the mike with very little expression. She has three backing singers one of whom is Mrs Overall and there’s a gymnast with one of those twirly ribbon things dancing behind her. (yes I know….). With a bit of work it’s potential qualifier stuff but I fear for it’s chances …

Roy: Ooh now, one hopes the poor Polish lass is having problems with the on stage sound because there was a heck of a lot of wavering going on with notes that even you or I could hit on a decent karaoke night out. Unless we’ve been seriously duped, or her dad’s the boss of Polish telly, there’s no way she could have got that bad without us getting wind of it. But if she is that bad, prepare the bog-roll earplugs for next Thursday night, cos it could get pretty poor. Let’s hope it’s just a matter of sound issues – but I have my doubts…