Poland can’t cool me down


It’s not Margaret. Do I have to write anything more? Ok then. Almost all of the viewers won’t even now that Margaret ever existed, but they’ll wish they did. Michal is sporting a silver jacket. I don’t know if he’s fashioned it out of what was left over from Bosnia’s Bacofoil cloaks yesterday in the same way Fräulein Maria did from the curtains in The Sound Of Music. Maybe it’s the same foil and they have it Box and Cox between the two semi-finals?

There’s a pianist and a cellist on the left. On the right are three violinists. Only two have violins at the moment. The third is sliding her arm back and forth with some gusto but not in sync with the strings on the track. She’s got a gleeful look, as if she can barely believe she’s on the Eurovision stage. We think she’s a stand-in for someone who hasn’t arrived yet.

Ah ha! We’ve reached the second run through and the silver jacket is off in favour of a vest, sensibly. The violinist has her violin now. I can’t believe she’s a real violinist from the way she was miming it on the first go. Thank goodness that thing’s not mic-ed up.

We saw all that Michal had to offer in the Polish final, and save for the change of costume that’s exactly what he’s brought to the Eurovision stage. Competently sung, looking a bit odd with all that hair, and as dull or as delightful as you found it back when it was chosen. With 10 places up for grabs it’s easy to conceive that this will secure one with this standard of vocal, but for me it’s just so utterly, utterly bland.

Monty x

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