13 September – The dawn I lost you was sad

We often mention those unlucky songs that were a year too early. The song the year later won, or did really well. So the year-too-early ones may just have paved the way.

If you cast your mind back to Portugal’s glorious win in 2017, you might think about who their year-too-early entrant was. Then if you’re a true fan, you’ll remember that our Lusitanian friends took a year out in 2016. So going back to 2015 we have today’s birthday girl Leonor Margarida Coelho Andrade (aka Ella Nor) who was two-years-too-early. Her song was sung with gusto but she was one of seven songs who went home after their semi-final. Her performance must have caused RTP to have a look at themselves. It must have worked because after a year re-grouping we all know what happened in Kyiv.

Leonor is 29 today.

Feliz aniversário, Leonor!