23 May – Like a smoke rising in the air

It’s always daunting opening a Eurovision Song Contest. It does mean at least you can get to the bar earlier. But you also have to wait, and wait, and wait. That’s even worse when you’re first of 26.

Today’s birthday boy Carlos Eduardo Teixeira Mendes did his stuff twice, first in 1968. In that year, there were only 16 other songs, so he didn’t have long to wait until the results started flooding in. It was a bit of a long wait for him, and most other countries had already scored by the time he got his first points. However he didn’t finish last. In 1972, he, of course, scored off every country, and even got a maximum. Anyway, Carlos being on first did actually give him one entry in the hall of fame. His was the first ever entry to be seen in full glorious colour. So he is on of our trailblazers. Good on him.

Carlos is 74 today.

Parabéns, Carlos!

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