24 January – I wanna be your love angel

Luck plays a huge part in our favourite TV show. Who gets through from a semi-final depends on who you’re lucky enough to get in your semi-final. But the unluckiest place to finish in a semi-final isn’t last – it’s eleventh.

Today we look at one of those songs that finished eleventh in their semi-final. It came from today’s birthday girl Susana ‘Suzy’ Guerra. She’s a vivacious thing and wowed us all with her suggestive dress and big drums. And who could fail to be impressed by her happy demeanour? Well, the unluckiest singer in the first semi-final in Copenhagen came one point – yes, one point – behind tenth place. I’ll leave it to you to look who came tenth (let’s just say she’s a trier), but Suzy probably had the last laugh. Her song is guaranteed to be played at any Eurovision disco.

Suzy is 40 today.

Feliz aniversário, Suzy!